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Summer Rugs

Summer Rugs

Posted by Equine Essentials Direct on 11th Aug 2023

If this summer has taught us anything, it is the need to be prepared whatever the weather. In some cases, we have experienced four seasons in the space of just a few hours, and it doesn’t look like the situation is going to improve. With the changing weather patterns, it is important to shop for the right products to make sure your horse is comfortable in all climates.

Let’s talk horse rugs! We appreciate the importance of a quality horse rug that will both stand the test of time and meet your specific needs. As you know, the warmer weather means the arrival of irritating insects for our beloved animals. A practical fly rug will help to keep your horse safe from these little pests. You can choose from standard or combo options, as well as rugs with a detachable neck to combine the two looks. A waterproof fly rug is a good idea for wetter conditions, so it may be worth going down this route if you wish to cover all bases. When exercising your horse in the summertime, why not opt for a ride-on fly rug that will offer sun protection, as well as reducing nuisance from flies?

When the temperature is 15 degrees or warmer, the advice is that your horse does not need a stable rug to keep them warm. In some parts of the country, the temperature has plummeted well below 15 degrees this summer. Many of us have unfortunately had to ditch our summer wardrobes! Just like humans, horses can also feel the cold, so you may choose to invest in a lightweight stable rug to keep the chill at bay. The Rhinegold Chicago Lightweight Stable Rug is a good option, which can also be used as an additional layer during the winter months. Summer sheets used for stabling in the summertime are therefore really versatile.

When rain is forecast, many horse owners go for a lightweight rug for turning out. Our fantastic range includes a variety of turnout rugs from leading brands including Weatherbeeta, Mackay and Shires. The Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Classic Standard Neck Lite turnout rug is one of our most popular products. It is both waterproof and breathable, ensuring the comfort of your horse remains a top priority. Investing in a couple of turnout rugs of different weights will make sure you can take good care of your horse, whatever the weather decides to do.

Does your horse need cooling down? Yes, it is summer after all! In the event of a spell of sunshine, you may need to help regulate your horse’s body temperature, particularly after exercise. Super-lightweight cooling rugs and sheets allow moisture and sweat to dissipate whilst preventing your horse from catching a chill.

Many young and healthy horses cope well without rugs during the warmer months, so it's important to bear in mind that every horse is unique. For some, neck rugs are a great idea, but for others, not so much! If your horse is a veteran or a poor-doer, a neck rug will help to keep them warm at all times. We stock an extensive selection of Weatherbeeta neck rugs in various weights to meet your individual horse’s needs.

Finally, we all love to accessorize, right? From spare fillet strings to elasticated surcingle that will keep any horse rug in place, be sure to check out the rug accessories section of our website for further inspiration! Visit for details.

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Your horse is sure to be as snug as a bug in a rug this season!