Case Study: Leovet Hoof Lab Hoof Hardener

Posted by Equine Essentials Direct on 16th Mar 2020

As the winter weather strikes, it’s can be the cause of many hoof problems, hoof cracking being one of them. This is because, at this time of year, our horses intake of grass no longer contains the … read more

Case Study: NAF Daily Gut Health

Posted by Equine Essentials Direct on 18th Feb 2020

As the seasons change, so might the feeding behaviour of your horse, resulting in an irritation of the gut. NAF Daily Gut Health can help relieve this. This is Aeron’s story...Over the summer months m … read more

The Horse Lover's Perfect Countdown To Christmas

Posted by Equine Essentials Direct on 27th Oct 2019

Now that the advertising schedule on TV has started to fill up with seasonal snippets from the Argos Christmas Fool to Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot (obviously the horse community’s favourite Yuletide chara … read more

How To Make Your Horse Look Good For Competition Season

Posted by Equine Essentials Direct on 14th Jun 2018

Competition season is already in full swing and there’s never been a better time to get your horse prepared. Today we’ve put together a post to help you style your horse in the latest gear so that the … read more