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Mud Fever

Mud Fever

Posted by Equine Essentials Direct on 4th Jan 2024

As the January chill sets in, it's time to wrap up warm, sip on hot chocolate, and, of course, pamper our four-legged friends with some extra TLC. But as we welcome the new year, there's one pesky problem that every horse owner dreads – Mud Fever. Fear not, though! We've got your back (and hooves) covered with our fantastic equine accessories that'll make winter the season much comfier for both you and your beloved horse.

Mud Fever loves to play hide-and-seek in the mucky paddocks. But don't worry, we've got the perfect products to combat it – our range of equine accessories designed with love and practicality.

Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Hardy Chaps

Our turnout boots for mud fever prevention are designed to keep your horse's legs dry and mud-free. They’re breathable, soft and comfortable, made from perforated neoprene with 4-way stretch to fit like a second skin.

Rhinegold Star Torrent Full Neck Rug

Wrap your equine companion in the warmest of hugs with our full-neck rugs. With a 600 denier ripstop, waterproof breathable outer. It has no polyfill with a breathable lining. Available in a selection of stylish colours and patterns.

Keratex Hoof Putty

Mud Fever often targets the hooves, but not on our watch! Hoof wax plugs holes in the sole of the hoof, preventing the damage that can be caused if grit, mud and stones enter the cavity causing injury or other problems.

Nettex Pig Oil

Used for decades on horses and livestock, Nettex Traditional Pig Oil is a pharmaceutical-grade oil that creates a waterproof barrier against wet and muddy conditions. Not only does this oil fight the effects of mud fever, but it also has many other benefits such as detangling manes and tails.

Global Herbs Mud-X

Nourish your horse from within! Mud-X is a unique and strong formula which helps to support the skin condition of horses in muddy conditions. The soothing properties of Mud-X helps enable your horse to maintain the correct bacterial balance in their skin.

This winter let's make it a season of joy and comfort for our four-legged friends. Browse through the whole collection and shop here! Happy riding! ?❄️✨