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A Guide to Keeping Your Pup Warm, Dry, and Clean!

A Guide to Keeping Your Pup Warm, Dry, and Clean!

Posted by Equine Essentials Direct on 1st Feb 2024

Winter is upon us, so it's time to ensure our furry friends stay warm, dry, and clean during the chilly months. Here's a quick guide to keep your pup winter-ready with our must-have essentials!

Dog coats

Give your pup a winter wardrobe upgrade with our cosy and chic dog coats. From waterproof jackets to fleece-lined wonders, our collection keeps your dog stylish and snug during winter walks.

Cleaning wipes

Combat muddy paw prints with our convenient cleaning wipes. Perfect for quick clean-ups after outdoor adventures, these wipes leave your pup fresh and tidy without needing a full bath.

Dog shampoo

Treat your pup to a spa day with our range of shampoos. With formulas designed to combat winter dryness, it leaves your dog's coat soft, shiny, and irresistibly clean. Choose from a variety of scents for the perfect post-bath snuggles.

Naf Natural Care Dog Skin Shampoo

Dog'Skin Shampoo is crafted for maximum convenience, with a quick lather and easy rinse formula, making it ideal for regular baths.

Weatherbeeta Green-Tec Fleece Zip Dog Coat

The WeatherBeeta Green-Tec Fleece Zip Dog Coat is a cosy and eco-friendly jacket for your dog. It's made from recycled plastic, and the back zip is lined to protect your dog's fur and provide a snug fit.

Weatherbeeta ComFitec Dry Dog Beg 

A zippered towelling fleece dog bag with a back seam, designed to prevent muddy paw prints from getting into your home and car. It also serves to dry your dog after a walk or bath.

Pet Head Quick Clean 2 in 1 Wipes

Pet Head Quick Fix Wipes are crafted with calming marigold extract and moisturising Aloe Vera. These wipes are made entirely from natural ingredients.

Digby & Fox Protein Shampoo & Conditioner

This 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner combo effectively cleans while offering hydrating conditioning. The added protein boosts strength, leaving your dog's coat naturally shiny without feeling greasy.

This winter, pamper your pup with these essentials, ensuring they enjoy the season as much as you do! ❄️